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OpenCV is a huge open-source library widely used in computer vision, artificial intelligence and image processing domains. The quintessential applications of it in real world are face recognition, object detection, human activity recognition, object tracking and such others.

Now, imagine you have to only detect an object from an entire input frame. So, instead of handling an entire frame, what if you can define a sub-region in the frame and treat it as the new frame to apply the processing. How do we do that you ask? …


It is evident that Geospatial Data analysis is currently blooming in agriculture, defense/security, engineering/construction, environment-monitoring, geovisualization, GIS analysis, imaging, remote sensing (RS), manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), healthcare, insurance, mining/manufacturing & natural resources based industries. The geospatial imagery analytics market is expected to have a revenue of $9 billion by 2026, driven by demands from the mining/manufacturing and engineering/construction industries. It is an ever-evolving domain. Interested in exploring this domain yet? Get started.

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· Overview
Table of Contents
What is Geospatial Data?
What is Raster Data?
What is Vector Data?
What is Geospatial Data Analysis?
Sample Project…

This is a topic I can most certainly say none of us are entirely ignorant about. At some stage of life be it at home or school or work or through whatever means, you must have heard things like — ‘You should make Yoga an integral part of your daily routine’ , ‘Whenever in turmoil, take deep breaths’, ‘Early to Bed, Eary to Rise’ and many more things like that.

Let me tell you that of course these are not myths, but also it’s just information in bits and pieces. And i would really like to stress this when I…

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In Supervised Learning, we mostly deal with two types of variables i.e numerical variables and categorical variables. Wherein regression deals with numerical variables and classification deals with categorical variables. Where,

Regression is one of the most popular statistical techniques used for Predictive Modelling and Data Mining in the world of Data Science. Basically,

Regression Analysis is a technique used for determining the relationship between two or more variables of interest.

However, Generally only 2–3 types of total 10+ types of regressions are used in practice. Linear Regression and Logistic Regression being widely used in general. …

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